10 Organic Soaps To Take Care Of Your Handwashing Routine

Posted on March 22nd, 2020 06:18 PM
10 Organic Soaps To Take Care Of Your Handwashing Routine

During this global health crisis, hand washing remains the number one priority for every individual to stay safe and prevent getting infected by Coronavirus (Covid-19). Health experts have stressed that it is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to stay healthy. Frequent hand washing can often dry out the hands leaving them irritable and itchy, but with the right soap, this too can be avoided. We have put together a list of organic and cruelty-free soaps that have got your hand washing routine covered.

Replenish your soap supply by choosing a soap that is both good for your skin and the planet!

The Mansa Soaps 

The Mansa Soaps work up magic in their natural and handcrafted soap bars using essential oils like Lavender, Patchouli, Cedarwood and Helichrysum. We recommend the Grass and Berry Soap AKA 'The Dermatologist' because this particular one is infused with Wheatgrass Juice, Jamun and Lemongrass essential oils, known to fight any skin problem, leaving the skin enriched, supple and healthy.

The Nature Masons 

Vegan, cruelty-free, and soothing to the skin, these soaps are free of harsh chemicals, lathering agents, and synthetic fragrances that can leave your hands itchy. We recommend the Charcoal Medallion. The hero ingredient here is the activated charcoal that is known to cleanse the skin deeply and detoxify it from toxins. Infused with Rosemary Essential Oil that is rich in iron, calcium and other essential vitamins, this soap will not just cleanse your hands right but leave your face feeling rejuvenated and healthy too.


Skip those extra-long supermarket lines and practice self-care and social distancing all at the same time. Consider the goodness of Fresh Rose Petals blended with Vitamin E oil for your skin. If you use it on your face it makes for the perfect anti-aging nourishing bar.

Soul Potion 

Feel like extra pampering? Soul Potion works with real ingredients picked from the bounty of nature, truly serving as an elixir for your soul. Based in Goa the founder puts her heart into creating well balanced and organic soaps. We recommend the Lime Zest Mint Soap as lime acts as a natural astringent since it’s a great source of Vitamin C. If you use the same on your face, you will find your skin radiate a natural glow as it reduces freckles and acne.

EcoThought Living 

Fight those germs with the EcoThought Living soap bars that have all the goodness your skin needs and are also toxic-free. Unique because they use cold-pressed oils, these soaps offer a sensory experience to whoever uses them. We recommend the Neem & Tea Tree Bar, free from artificial ingredients and drying detergents, with a luxurious creamy lather that perfectly pampers your skin every day.


The future is green with FIG because they sustainably work with nature's ingredients to bring out the best in skincare. We recommend detoxing your skin and refreshing your hands naturally with the Mountain Man. Known for its intense cleansing properties, activated charcoal is the hero ingredient in this soap bar that draws out dirt, chemicals, and toxic micro-particles

The Sass Bar

If you ever looked at your soap and wondered what would happen if you ate it, be assured that the ‘Sass Bar’ would be a hard one to resist. Dressed as pretty as a dessert, these tempting soap bars are SLS and paraben-free, vegan and sustainable. If you think your hand washing routine is getting too boring, this is just the soap for you, we recommend the gorgeous French tart AKA La Fraise Tart Soap that has the fruitiest aroma and is an absolute treat to your skin.


One of the pioneers of natural beauty in India, Soulflower uses botanical chemistry and science in their skincare recipes. Their products have what we call active plant ingredients, hand selected for the best results. We recommend the Cool Aloe Vera Soap that is a natural soap enriched with Aloe Vera, Basil leaves and rich oils of Olive, Coconut, Castor and Palm. Aloe Vera is known to have natural sanitizing properties, also leaving the skin relaxed and moisturized.

Rustic Art 

Rustic Art works with sustainably sourced natural ingredients to create wholesome and nurturing skincare products. We recommend the Turmeric Soap created with the golden spice celebrated for its medicinal properties for centuries. The Coconut Milk in the soap maintains the moisture while the citric oils like Lemon, Orange and Lemongrass ensure a refreshing experience.

The Bubble Works 

Taking simple ingredients and turning them into plush soaps, don’t forget to treat your hands right with a soap bar from The Bubble Works collection. We recommend the Neem and Basil Soap bar that has two hero ingredients in one, both of which are organically grown. These super ingredients work as a shield against germs and still have properties to nourish the skin leaving it moisturized.

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