6 Unconventional Yet Effective Ways To Plant Trees This World Plantation Day

Posted on March 20th, 2020 10:47 AM
6 Unconventional Yet Effective Ways To Plant Trees This World Plantation Day

Trees are vital to the survival of our home planet Earth, but are we doing enough to ensure their life is not in danger? This World Plantation Day celebrated on 21st March, let’s talk about the different ways in which you can adopt one or more trees in your life. Today, you don’t need a physical sapling, a spade, or even a seed to plant trees. With the help of technology, you can overcome obstacles like space crunch and location and help our forests flourish. Here are some unconventional ways to plant trees.

Support a brand that plants trees: TreeWear 

There are several ethically-minded and eco-conscious brands out there, which combine the sales of their products with tree planting. Some partner with reforestation organizations while some do it more directly. TreeWear is one such brand that not only brings customers a range of natural products to choose from, including deodorant sticks, sanitizers, insect repellents, lip balms, and organic clothing but also contributes toward tree planting projects around the country. With support from their planting partners, customers can even track where the trees have been planted.

Donate to a tree planting NGO: SayTrees 

There are quite a few NGOs you can donate to who will plant trees on your behalf. You can join as an individual, a company, a family or a school and choose how much and how often you donate, in order to grow a forest over the course of your life. SayTrees is a registered NGO that plants saplings and supports them to become trees. You can play your role in reversing climate change by making your contribution here.

Greet and celebrate an occasion with trees: GrowTrees

Plant a tree to grow your relationship with friends and family or to remember a loved one. With Grow Trees you can choose to gift and greet your treasured ones while significantly benefiting the planet. Planting is also a good way to connect with individuals who are passionate about sustainability. The person you honor will get an eTreeCertificate too.

Plant trees with your smartphone: Treedom

Are you looking at a more abstract option as compared to donating to an NGO? Treedom is an app you can download on your smartphone to plant trees and track them. With the simple use of technology, you can support farmers around the world who make a living by planting trees. Treedom provides farmers the support they need in the stages before their trees yield fruit. Download the app and develop a new age personal connection with your tree.

Take a pledge for the environment: Project GreenHands 

Governmental power is pivotal in the protection of our planet alongside individual tree planting efforts. Consider trees as our natural allies in the fight against climate change. Make a pledge to protect the environment that protects you. Do your part in saving the planet we call home and refurbish the circle of life.

Just go outside and plant a tree: The Natural Way

All these varieties of planting methods are fantastic but let’s not forget that there is another very straightforward way to plant trees this year. You could simply head outside, dig a hole and plant a tree. While you are at it, protect Existing Trees. This is a great and indirect way to ensure that there are more trees by protecting the ones we already have.

So how do you plan to celebrate this plantation day? Leave a comment if you know of more brands and organizations that have set up unconventional and innovative ways to make our Earth a greener planet.


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