A Special Gift For The Most Special One - Mother’s Day

Posted on May 4th, 2020 01:11 PM
A Special Gift For The Most Special One - Mother’s Day

This mother’s day tell her you love her all through the year.

From managing increased daily chores to making sure everyone remains calm during this trying time, don’t you feel moms deserve extra love and care now more than ever? There is obviously no perfect gift to reciprocate her unconditional love, but a thoughtful gift will remind her how much she is appreciated.

Mother’s Day only comes once a year, but you want to show your mom you appreciate her all the time. Our moms love surprises and what better way to surprise her through the year than gifting her a great subscription. A subscription to a box full of sustainable goodies she can use to pamper and nurture herself. The Verth Box is full of ethically made products curated from leading socially conscious brands. Each product has a story and a purpose.

You know subscription boxes are not something your mom would buy for herself, but imagine the smile on her face each month she receives a box thoughtfully curated by us. Gifting your mom the Verth subscription box will definitely warm her heart. To make it more special, we will add a personal note for you too. Don’t worry this one’s on us and so we have a special code for you this year. Use code MOM2020 and avail a discount for your first purchase. Tell us how she likes the box our feedback section. 


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