How to make your Rakhi an Eco-Friendly one

Posted on July 29th, 2020 04:39 PM
How to make your Rakhi an Eco-Friendly one

This Rakshabandhan, sow the seeds of a forever bond by celebrating this festival the eco-conscious way. Here are 5 things you can do differently and make an impact.

Replace the sequence Rakhi with a paper Rakhi

Ditch the glitter and unnecessary plastic beads on a traditional Rakhi and replace it with a paper or seed Rakhi. When the Rakhi is finally discarded, at least it will do no harm to the environment.

Decorate your home with fresh flowers

Instead of using dyes and colors, go natural and use pulses, rice, leaves, and flowers to decorate your home. You can even experiment with beetroot, orange peels, and more.

Exchange upcycled gifts

Be creative and think of ways to make your gifts meaningful and interesting. Use items lying around in your home to make new items like painting old glass bottles turning them into lamps or, turning old cardboard boxes into book or jewelry racks. Get creative and take inspiration from the world around you.

Gift a sapling

Watch your relationship grow like the plant you choose to gift your sibling. You can make this even more special by grafting or propagating new saplings from your garden. You can even pair this with the idea to buy eco-friendly products online in India.

Ditch the plastic packaging at all cost

While gifts wrapped in colorful sheets look appealing, that's all the purpose they serve. Choose brown paper or even regular newspaper to cover your gifts and make a real difference.

You can also consider gifting your sibling the Verth Box, full of sustainable goodies for personal care, pampering them with love and warmth. Remember, every small gesture makes a grand impact on your bond with your sibling and the planet.


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