Men who care for nature are more attractive - Study

Posted on February 2nd, 2021 06:09 PM
Men who care for nature are more attractive  - Study

Most of the time we see women in the frontline of making conscious choices for the environment, so when it comes to men choosing better for nature, it automatically stands out. According to a study in the journal 'Psychology and Marketing', men who are concerned about the environment may be more attractive to women looking for a long-term relationship. Gentlemen, are you listening? It's time to embrace your eco-friendly side to get out of that friend zone.

The study states that 'an eco-responsible man is perceived as more altruistic, faithful and a good father, qualities that make him an ideal life partner for long-term relationships.'

The study concludes by suggesting that these results could be used as leverage to encourage men to adopt more eco-friendly behavior.

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