Your 10 Step Guide To Sustainable Living

Posted on May 18th, 2020 01:57 PM
Your 10 Step Guide To Sustainable Living

Baby steps go a long way in sustainable and eco-friendly living. The changes you choose to make in your lifestyle do not have to be drastic, they can be as simple as carrying your own water bottle wherever you go.

The ultimate goal is to reduce waste and use the resources available to us efficiently and consciously. There is no exhaustive list of tips but you have to begin somewhere, so we have made a note of ten. You can compare this list to what you already do in your daily life and see where you might need improvement in your habits.

#1 Don’t use plastic bags when shopping, instead take your own bags for groceries. Trust us, you will be saying no to a lot of single-use plastic in this process. This said, avoid buying plastic-wrapped products and opt for paper bags.

#2 Carry your own water bottle when you step out. Stop buying bottled water! Get into the habit of treating your stainless steel or copper reusable bottle as a wallet or an essential accessory.

#3 Carry a handkerchief instead of using tissues. You can wash these little pieces of fabric in a mug of water when you are done using them every day.

#4 Stalk your dirty laundry and wash them once you have a full basket. You will not just use less portions of water but save on electricity too. While you are at it, switch over from commercial detergents to soap nut solutions, this practice will help you reduce the toxic chemicals released in the soil.

#5 Use natural and organic products. We at Verth curate organic and eco-conscious products from ethical brands and artisans from around the country, supporting small and local businesses. You don't have to worry about where to start, our subscription box gives you the ignition you need at an affordable price.

#6 Be conscious about the electricity you are using. Don't leave your chargers plugged in overnight. Stop opening the fridge without reason. Take cold water baths during summer. Service your air conditioner and other appliances from time to time. And always switch off behind you.

#7 Just buy less. Before you buy anything, just ask yourself these questions: "Do I need it?", "What am I replacing by purchasing this", "Will I use it more than 3 times", "Can I borrow this or use second hand?", "If this was not on sale, would I still buy it?". If you are still confused, save the item to your wish list and visit it later to see if you still need it as desperately.

#8 Grow your own herbs and food. You don't need a big space to grow your own little kitchen garden, you can start out with just an old reusable plastic container to sow some seeds. The more you perfect the art of growing your own food, the more sense of comfort you will feel when eating them. Also, you will know there are no pesticides in this lot.

#9 Learn how to fix your stuff. Have a hole in your dress, pick up a needle and thread to sew it together. Have a broken appliance, visit the local electrician to get it fixed. Upcycle and recycle as much as you can. Remember, the life of anything you use is in your hands, even if it means giving something a second life.

#10 Educate yourself and keep yourself informed about what's happening in the industry. Pay attention to the little choices you make. Join a likeminded group on social media, have fruitful discussions, and attend a talk or webinar when possible. There is no end to learning the sustainable way of life.

This is just the beginning. Are you already doing all of these things to live sustainably? If not, we challenge you to choose one (or more) that you can adopt, let us know what it will be. Also tell us how are you living sustainably compared to what’s mentioned here.


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