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What Is The Verth Box?

The Verth box is a bi-monthly curation of 4-5 handpicked eco-conscious products that are delivered right to your doorstep.

How It Works

You Order

Join the movement and reduce your plastic and toxic footprint one step at a time. When you order the Verth Box you also take a leap towards an eco-friendly lifestyle, building a better world in the process

You Get

When you subscribe to the goodness of the Verth Box you receive a curation of eco-friendly products from leading conscious brands and local artisans. Some of them are designed exclusively for your box

You Love

Each Verth Box is designed and filled with warmth and love. From the artwork outside to the lovingly curated organic sustainable products that sit on reused shreds, to the small note you will find for choosing us inside the box, there is love in every detail

You Help

Every product inside the Verth Box has a beautiful story of coming into existence, with individual founders doing their part to create a better world. To us, it matters how these products are made, and who they empower

Why Choose Us

When we choose plastic and toxin-induced products, there is no ‘bin fairy’ who’s coming to clean up the trash we leave behind. After filtering out what’s bad for the environment, Verth reaches out to local artisans and encourages brands who make conscious decisions in their production. By choosing the Verth Box, you are also choosing to support thousands who are determined to save our Earth. Take one step towards sustainable living in the most economical way, as saving money is as important as saving the earth.


Animal Testing is a massive no-no for us and we will never send you anything that’s been tested on animals.


Parabens leave long term side effects like hormone disruption in humans. All products inside the Verth Box are paraben-free.


We stand by the 3 R’s and hence Re-use, Recycle and Reduce waste in our processes right from curation to execution.


Your actions are never too small to make a big difference. All our curated products are 100% plastic-free.

Fair trade

This is our way to make a conscious choice for a better world. We ensure that the people we work with are treated right.


When you choose the Verth Box you receive a selection of eco-friendly products at the lowest price as compared to the market.


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