No Plastic Packaging

No Plastic Packaging

We have a strict Plastic-Free Shipping Policy at Verth.

Everything that goes out from our eco-friendly warehouse is 100% Plastic-Free, in an upcycled or 100% post-consumer box with paper tape. All of our shipping materials are 100% recyclable and compostable.

How do we protect fragile materials during shipment?

Your subscription box is placed inside an upcycled corrugated box. Inside your box, we cushion the products with reused shreds of paper, sourced from a local stationery.

What are the shipping labels made of?

The packing labels on the outside are compostable and plastic-free. Inside the box, the labels you find are made of handmade recycled paper.

How are the Verth Boxes sealed?

We seal our boxes with non-reinforced paper tape. It is 100% compostable, and plastic-free.

What do we request from our brands and artisans?

We require that all shipments to Verth come in 100% Plastic-Free packaging (that includes bio-based or compostable plastics as well). The less packaging the better.

What do we expect from our customers?

Once we ship a box to you we cannot control what you do with the packaging materials, but we encourage all of our customers to reuse, compost, or recycle all packing materials.

Thank you for being considerate and thinking outside the Verth Box!


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