The Verth Insider Program

The Verth Insider Program

This might just be India's first commission-based business development platform for sustainable, organic, and zero plastic gifting options. The Verth Insider Program is open to individuals who deeply care for the planet and want to make an impactful and long-lasting difference. We are giving you an opportunity to get us business opportunities and earn from every opportunity.

Role: Insider Business Developer

What you need to do:

  • Connect with clients to explain our company services and generate interest for a call or meeting
  • Create new business opportunities and leads in line with the strategic direction of Verth
  • Use your strong oral and written communication skills to explain why is eco-friendly gifting great
  • You must love the planet as much as us or more and believe you're making a positive difference one Verth Box at a time

CLICK HERE to get started on your mission to help people replace plastic with everything eco-friendly.

Business Benefits:

10% commission paid on business leads closed below 1 lac

7% Commission paid on business leads closed above 1 lac

The better you perform, the better you earn. It's as simple as reaching out to your contacts and inspiring them to choose eco-friendly gifting options for their employees at work, family members at a household function, or media persons at an event. The scope is immense, all you've got to do is dive in there (don't worry there is no plastic in this sea of opportunities) and fish for business. Have more questions? Reach out to us on earthling@verthbox.com


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