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Breaking The Myth: Is a Sustainable Lifestyle really an Expensive Affair?
Indian Express

When we talk about sustainable living, most people assume it to be an expensive affair, when in reality it is just the opposite. Conscious consumption not only saves you money, but it can also expand your horizons too. Simply put, when you live a sustainable life, you minimise your impact on the natural world. The practice begins right in your homes with small switches and mindful consumption. Verth and Indian Express share some simple ways in which this is possible.

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World Environment Day: Promoting Sustainability, One Box At A Time
Your Story

The call for adoption of sustainable development has been happening since the late 1990s. Since the United Nations’ call for a cut in global carbon emissions and adoption of Sustainable Development Goals, the increased awareness of climate change and plastic pollution have led to the creation of conscious consumption. However, it is still insignificant compared to mass consumerist culture that is being practised by a major part of the world’s population. Eco-conscious consumers are increasingly making the shift from mass produced to eco-friendly goods in order to reduce the harm caused to the environment. However, anyone who has tried to make a switch to a more sustainable lifestyle has often hit the ‘affordability’ roadblock.

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Sustainable Essential Kit From 'Verth Box' Amid COVID-19
Whats Hot

Verth, a brand inspired by the "We Are Earth" phrase, is a unique venture that is very relevant to the current scenario. The world is slowly becoming more aware about the benefits of sustainable living, and this is exactly what Verth wants to deliver to its audience- easy and affordable access to an eco-friendly way of life. For this, it has curated a product list, that ranges from accessories to daily essentials, all put into what they call 'The Verth Box.'

The box is the first zero-plastic and eco-friendly subscription box and has five to six handpicked eco-friendly products, which they will deliver to your home. This subscription box will allow you to practice a healthier, more mindful lifestyle, and also help contribute to saving the earth. For instance, this month's Verth Box includes 'An Artisan Bamboo Toothbrush,' 'Surprise Elements Body Butter,' 'The Switch Fix Shampoo Bar,' 'Artisan Tote Bag,' and 'Minimo Metal Straw Hat.' Priced at just Rs 699, the contents of the box keep changing from month to month.

All About Eve
Save The Earth: Indian Brands That Promote Sustainable Living
All About Eve

Climate change is a real threat to our planet and to the existence of humanity. Sitting in our homes, we may not be able to make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change, but we can do something. In 2020, sustainable living is the need of the hour, and that is something we can all do from the comfort of our homes. And it’s not even tough to do anymore.

There are several brands, including Indian, which promote sustainable living through their products and services. While the motivation of doing your bit to save the planet should be enough, there’s more to tempt you towards choosing such brands. Their products are always unique, and the concept attached to the brand is always interesting and memorable.

All About Eve recently started a unique movement to promote small businesses in the wake of the economic fallout of COVID-19. As part of this campaign, we’ve been trying to help small businesses in India, who will feel the brunt of the slowdown the most. And we’ve discovered some real gems, including brands that promote a sustainable lifestyle. Check out some of our favourites.

The Verth box is a bi-monthly curation of four to five handpicked, eco-conscious products that are delivered right to your doorstep. The brand is India’s first sustainable subscription box, and their aim is to make sustainable lifestyle fun and affordable.

Verth has a zero plastic policy which includes their packaging. The brand claims to be the most affordable sustainable and eco-friendly brand out there, with 5 products priced at INR 699 only.

The Hindu
How Vasudha Rai said no to excess beauty waste, and why you should too
The Hindu
Vasudha Rai, a reputed journalist took to Instagram to shout out, spread the word and refuse to accept excessively-packaged products. In her article, she mentions how even the smallest of beauty products come in excessive unnecessary packaging. She talks about how brands, as well as customers, need to take action now, more than ever, with the current plastic crisis. Where it's possible, she also stresses the importance of reusing product packaging. We are glad to be featured in this article as a sustainable subscription box, not just for the products we curate but even for the packaging we ship our boxes in. 
First India
The Sustainable Swap
First India

Impulsive shopping & irresistible discounts, let’s agree to the fact that most of us are guilty hoarders. Imagine a world where people first considered reusing things, before every new purchase. This year, when UNESCO declared that the theme for ‘World Education Day’ would focus on Education for the People, Planet & Peace, Verth India, a sustainable lifestyle brand organised ‘Access to Excess’- a week long sustainable swap in collaboration with Café Quaint at Jawahar Kala Kendra. Here people could visit and drop by books, stationary and accessories they no longer use or have never used and pick something interesting from the collection in exchange.

The event witnessed an overwhelming response, as people dropped in from various corners of the pink city. Around 100 books, 60 stationery items and 35 accessories were successfully collected & swapped through the drive. The book collection box was an assortment of famous authors including Agatha Christie, Rupi Kaur, Paulo Choehlo, along with study material and encyclopedias. The accessory box was a colourful palate of handbags, clutches, earrings, beauty products, crayons, oil pastels, bathing salts and unused clothes.

Verth India, as a brand believes and stands for living a sustainable lifestyle with minimum impact to the planet Earth. “We chose to collaborate with Café Quaint as our ethos & vision mirror each other. Our efforts are driven towards making sustainable living the only way of living, reducing the waste we create and the impact we leave through our actions”, said the founders of Verth India. Café Quaint is a one of a kind café in Jaipur, known for its organic and zero waste approach.

The swap drive was organized from 18th January to 25th January to celebrate World Education Day. The event did not involve any commercials or tickets to participate and had just one motive, to bring people to give and pick something useful from what’s otherwise ‘excess’, with a plea to Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and evolve.

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