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Artisan Salad Dressing by Arugula & Co

Pair it with your vegetable, especially the leafy greens, avocados, mushrooms and spring onions, or add them in with some herbs like basil, parsley or microgreens. And if you have access to artisanal bread or cheese that would be a great way to use these dressings too.
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Product variants:
Cashew + Mustard 
Wasabi + Togarashi 
Peanut + Lime 
Chilli + Jaggery 
Balsamic + Olive Oil 

You can choose a set of 2, 3, 4 or 5 and tell us which variants.

Arugula & Co. helps people make better food choices by encouraging consumption of the most underrated food group: vegetables. Niharika Goenka, the founder had an inkling that the reason for unhealthy diets was not the lack of information, rather misinformation and excess information. That's why they created salad dressings in six flavors to help you eat more plants! 

When Niharika started this journey, she always knew her products had to be as sustainable as possible. 90% of the ingredients are certified organic and locally sourced including the coconut vinegar and soy sauce. Arugula & Co. is about the stories behind such ingredients and more.

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