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Morning Bliss Box

Wake up and embrace every morning with love for yourself and the planet. This box is curated for you to indulge in an extraordinary morning ritual. Begin your day with the freshness of spearmint on your bamboo toothbrush. Moisturize and nourish, experience the goodness of raw shea butter on your lips. Turn up the heat to make your favorite beverage and meal, holding them neatly in our crop waste sipper and organic beeswax wraps! What's more, apply a dash of face serum before heading out for the day and feel grateful for all that life has to offer.
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The Morning Bliss Box contains:

  • Non-foaming spearmint toothpaste with the goodness of coconut oil by Re-Earth
  • 100% biodegradable artisan bamboo toothbrush without nylon bristles
  • Raw shea butter lip balm for the ultimate lip care by AuraBe
  • Set of 2 Verth kitchen beeswax wraps (8"x8", 12"x12") made with unprocessed ingredients to keep food fresh and tasty
  • Crop waste reusable sipper that holds both cold and hot beverages by Cupable
  • Copper peptide face serum sample for nourished and naturally glowing skin by Tamra 

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