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Natural Loofah Set of 2 and 4

An edible vegetable in its early stage, the Loofah plant is nature's answer to clean, soft, and exfoliated skin. The natural fiber gently removes dead skin and helps unclog the pores making the skin look fresh and rejuvenated.
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Simply wet the Loofah with water, add soap and gently rub in a circular motion for natural exfoliation.

Care: Rinse it after every use and hang it to dry in the sun or in a non-damp space. Avoid drying it in the bathroom where it's likely to remain moist and attract bacteria, as its a natural product.

Disposal: Once you think the Loofah is losing its hold, you can either use it in the kitchen to scrub the dishes or directly put it in the Compost.

Packaging: Our Loofahs come to you in a reusable and compostable corrugated box to maintain its fragile shape.

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