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Nourishing Natural Deodorant

SKU: Vkuvabalm
This natural deodorant is made with the most nourishing oils and butters sourced from the tropical areas of Goa. First introduced to you in our Summer Box, this is now available in 3 varieties Sangolda Summer, Cocotinie and Vilamel, we promise you one tin tab of this product will last you all year long.
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Here are the 3 varieties:
Sangolda Summer: This energizing blend of Ginger & Lemongrass deodorant balm is made with moisturizing oils and butters, antibacterial herbal extracts and clay to neutralize body odour and absorb wetness

Cocotinie: This no fragrance balm, contains only tea tree and rosemary essential oils in tiny amounts for their antibacterial and odour fighting properties.

Vilamel: With zesty oils of Lemon and lime and soothing Lavender, this blend of deodorant balm is made with nourishing oils of Coconut and Kokum that soften and moisturize the delicate skin of your underarms

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