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The Eco Festive Box

There is no greater joy than giving and sharing love with family and friends. This festive season choose to bring a smile on your loved ones face by choosing a consciously curated ecofriendly gift by Verth.
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Inside the Handmade Katha Fabric Festive Box you will find:

  • Blue Pottery Diya Set: Handmade in the quaint corners of Jaipur, this blue-pottery diya set will light up any festive space with it's holy glow.
  • Fernweh Fragrance Bar: Made with natural soy wax and essential oils, this bar will make any closet smell like a breezy dream.
  • Plantable Seed Patakhas: Looks like crackers but are full of seeds! Plant them in the soil and help keep our planet pollution-free.
  • The Better Ladoo Peanut & Orange Chocolate Set: A modern twist to the traditional ladoos, these vegan sweets are made of natural dates, seeds and lots of nuts.
  • Electric Tea Light Match Box: Light up any room with a set of 8 electric tea light candles that come in a huge match box that says 'With Love'.  

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