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Zero Waste Kitchen Box

A zero-waste lifestyle promotes products that are reusable and compostable, with nothing going into the garbage bin. The kitchen is the best place to adopt this practice because it's as easy as swapping some items with others. Let the Verth Kitchen Box help you get started!
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In this zero waste kitchen box you will find:

  • Handmade and organic dishwashing soap bar: Clean your dishes without the toxic chemicals going down the drain
  • Set of three coconut coir scrubs: Scrub any surface clean without the guilt of plastic going into the bin later
  • Coconut shell multipurpose bowl: Use it as a serving bowl or to mix your favorite DIY remedy
  • Stainless steel tea infuser: Make every cup of tea perfect sans the toxins from tea bags
  • Verth beeswax wraps: Say bye-bye to use and throw cling film and foil by reusing these miracle wraps to keep food fresh
  • Reusable metal straws and cleaner: Enjoy every beverage in style while saving thousands of straws from entering the oceans


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