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The Lovers Box

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A box full of eco friendly goodies, this is a wholesome gift for someone who loves to take care of themselves while taking care of the environment. There is something to soothe and indulge all the five senses of taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing, rejuvenating and uplifting the mood unlike anything.
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What’s inside the box?
1. Verth nourishing all season body yogurt enriched with vanilla and frankincense oil
2. Hand poured coffee and vanilla soy wax candle that instantly lifts up the mood
3. A couple of Hand-rolled chocolate and nuts granola bar that is both nourishing and satisfying
4. The Switch Fix Play It Coal Shampoo Bar enriched with oils and activated charcoal for clean and
nourished hair
5. Sheesham wood beard shaping comb, that can be used both for head and the face
6. Neem comb that gently de-tangles hair, leaving it frizz-free
7. Soy wax fragrance table, to make any wardrobe smell beautifully aromatic

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