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Zindagi Gulzaar Hein Board

Get your hands dirty with some eco-friendly gardening. Fill the planter with cocopeat or soil and place the plant inside it. The cut and depth of the bottle planter are enough, making it easy to plant any plant inside this planter. Each piece is handmade by Kavi from cutting to sanding the lip to any fill or decoration. This planter is easy to set up and maintain which makes gardening fun and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Please note that glass is a challenging medium and, as such, small imperfections may exist in the finished product. Mainly these defects are minor and may not even be noticeable.
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1. Waste bottles have been used to make these beautiful planters.

2. This is a sturdy, safe and durable recycled planter which is an excellent gift for any.

3. The edges are well-ground, buffed, and smoothened

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