Do eco-friendly products actually make a difference?

“Environmentally friendly,” “eco-friendly” and “earth-friendly” are just different ways of saying “not environmentally harmful.” There are many ways to define “sustainable” and “sustainability,” but in general, sustainable living can be defined as the practice of ensuring we don’t deplete our natural resources by making eco-friendly, ethical choices as consumers.

Do environmentally friendly have a real impact on the world? Undeniably so! While the impact from simply switching to sustainable products and gifts is not enough to fix everything, it’s certainly a good place to start one’s sustainability journey.

Every product we purchase eventually creates waste, but when does a product become waste in its life cycle, what type of waste it becomes, and how often it’s being purchased are the real questions to be answered. The volume of this waste could be decreased with simple everyday actions & choices – choosing the right products with high utility & reusability that have a minimal impact on the environment is the key!

The case for eco-friendly products is that they at the very least increase awareness and provide those who want to change the world with a decent place to start. While every product we purchase eventually creates waste, the real debate is when a product becomes waste and how often we repurchase it. By choosing products with more utility and minimal impact, we can reduce the waste that we create.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you search for sustainable gifts and eco-friendly products:

Ingredients & Materials: Look for products that are made from recycled, compostable and clean materials. This ensures that the products are not harmful to the environment and can be easily disposed of once they are no longer useful. At Verth, we pride ourselves on offering a curated range of personal care products made from clean & sustainable ingredients.




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Longevity: Choose products that can be recycled or composted after they are no longer useful. This reduces the environmental impact of the product and ensures that it does not end up in a landfill. Some examples include metal straws, tote bags, bamboo toothbrushes and others.

Packaging: Look for products with minimal packaging, and opt for recyclable or compostable packaging. At Verth, all of our products are packaged sustainably, from kraft paper bubble wrap to the paper tape used to seal boxes.

Efficiency: Consider the energy consumption of the product, as well as the manufacturing method. Verth orders products in bulk to reduce the carbon footprint and save energy.

Looking for some eco-friendly products & sustainable gift ideas? here are some –

1. Clothes made from recycled fabric

2. Recycled paper & stationery

3. Sustainable shopping bags

4. LED bulbs

5. Kitchen composters

6. Reusable water bottle

With a Printed Copper Water Bottle from Verth, you get the incredible health benefits of drinking from a copper bottle while making a sustainable lifestyle choice – and look great doing it!

When making any purchase, it’s important to consider the product’s usage, lifecycle, and where it will end up. In conclusion, while eco-friendly products certainly do make a difference, it’s up to us as consumers to choose wisely. By opting for sustainable gifts and eco-friendly products, we can reduce our impact on the environment & promote a better future for ourselves and future generations.