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This millennial duo quit their jobs to help people adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. This is how they are saving the planet, one box at a time. ♻️

BRUT India

How This Entrepreneur Duo Is Setting The Benchmark, Helping People Adapt To An Organic Lifestyle

The need for a sustainable lifestyle is ever-emerging. If we all want to preserve what belongs to us for our offspring, then why not the Earth and its resources? Most member states have ratified the United Nations’ convention on the adoption of Sustainable Development, but have we implemented it in our everyday lives?


Mumbai: 7 subscription boxes that deliver essentials straight to your door.

This is an interesting subscription box with daily essentials and accessories from various homegrown brands and artisans.

Architectural Digest

Want to zero-waste and live sustainably? Here’s how to make a start

It’s a good practice to question where your products are coming from and where they will eventually end up.

Lifestyle Asia

This Subscription Box Will Send You Sustainable Skincare & Tons More

LBB recommends the Verth Box. They say, 'I love subscription boxes because they’re like sending yourself a gift.


Bookmark these new websites for your next beauty haul

Elle says, if you’re looking for ways to make your daily routine more sustainable, Verth’s subscription box is a good place to start.

Elle India

Homegrown Indian Brands: The Ultimate Gifting Guide

The quest for the perfect gift – the shining box with just the right bow, packaging, and just the most useful,..


Breaking The Myth: Is a Sustainable Lifestyle really an Expensive Affair?

When we talk about sustainable living, most people assume it to be an expensive affair, when in reality it is just the opposite.

Indian Express

How Vasudha Rai said no to excess beauty waste, and why you should too

Vasudha Rai, a reputed journalist took to Instagram to shout out, spread the word and refuse to accept excessively-packaged products.

The Hindu

Sustainable Essential Kit From 'Verth Box' Amid COVID-19

Verth, a brand inspired by the "We Are Earth" phrase, is a unique venture that is very relevant to the current scenario.

Whats Hot

World Environment Day: Promoting Sustainability, One Box At A Time

The call for adoption of sustainable development has been happening since the late 1990s.

Your Story

Save The Earth: Indian Brands That Promote Sustainable Living

All About Eve

Impulsive shopping & irresistible discounts, let’s agree to the fact that most of us are guilty hoarders.

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